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Here are what patients are saying about SWT.

I had stopped progressing with treatment until trying Shockwave Therapy. My first treatment series I started with my most painful shoulder. After one treatment, by the next week, my left shoulder was my better shoulder. I am sleeping better and am back to riding my mountain bike!

Matthew, tired of pain

After hitting the ground behind the ball 17 years ago and dealing with chronic Golfer's Elbow, by the 3rd treatment my pain was completely gone.

The treatments were mild to no discomfort and no worse than my usual pain.

I can play as many games as I want without pain!

Jim, no pain after 17 years!

One year ago I had a severe fall while fishing tearing my rotator cuff and needing surgery. After two bouts of therapy I was still in pain and had limited shoulder motion. After shockwave therapy I have full mobility and am back to fishing!

Thank you Cornerstone!

Mike, returned to fishing